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Jada’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Jada was flown to Indy from Portland, Oregon. She weighed 14lbs, was given a guaranteed bill of health along with a 30-day trial enrollment to Trupanion Insurance. To ensure she arrived in good health from her travels, she was examined by our local veterinarian. She passed her wellness exam in flying colors.

With the 30-day trial enrollment coming to an end, I needed to make a decision whether to enroll or let the insurance lapse.  I had pets all my life and could never justify the need for insurance. Besides Jada was a healthy dog with showmanship breeding. After much struggle, I decided to give the insurance a trial run.  Little did I know that in a matter of a week after enrolling Jada in the Trupanion Insurance program that I would be needing it.  One Sunday evening, Jada experienced some major nasal respiratory issues and struggled to breathe.  This led to a late night emergency veterinary visit which resulted in some major unexpected expenses.  A claim was filed with Trupanion and true to their advertisement, a reimbursement was issued.  Another incident occurred, when Jada was recently scheduled to be spayed.  She had an extreme allergic reaction to the “twilight” drug used to relax animals prior to surgery.  This resulted in elevated heart rate and required an animal cardiologist and continual monitoring. Once again a claim was filed with Trupanion and a reimbursement was issued.

The good news to this story is that Jada is doing fine now.  She weighs in at 49lbs.  My husband and  I know first hand the value of pet insurance and would never consider being without it again.  Thank you Trupanion!!!

-Dodie M.

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