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Pet of the Week: Kozmo and Dixie-Blue

This is my odd couple. Kozmo is a 2 year old terrier, and Dixie-Blue is a 3 year old great dane. They are both rescues, from different shelters. They fell in love with one another immediately, and we’ve been a happy family ever since. 

Dixie is small for a dane, but she doesn’t lack that huge great dane heart. She has the most endearing crossed eyes and floppy ears. She loves to snuggle – I make her fall asleep in her bed, only to wake up every single night to her sneaking into my bed.

Kozmo is some sort of terrier mix – he is just one of a kind! He rocks a mohawk – and he absolutely loves the dog park. The other dog owners call him “The Godfather”; because even though he is often the smallest dog at the park, he is definitely the leader of the mob, and has no problem telling even the biggest, toughest pups who’s boss!

As a dane, Dixie will be prone to health issues – and as a rough & tumble pup, Kozmo is susceptible to injury. I did not ever want us to be put in a position where we had to deny medical treatment because of cost, Trupanion was an excellent solution.

We just love this dynamic duo! Thank you so much for sharing their story with us, Kelly!

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