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Pets of the Week: Daegan and Kieren

Daegan and Kieren are American Mastiffs. When Daegan was 2 years old, her little brother came to live with us. They get along famously as you can see. Last December, Daegan needed to have a tplo surgery on a torn acl in her right hind leg. Fortunately, we have our dogs insured with Trupanion. The surgery went well and Trupanion enabled us to get the best care for our girl.

Daegan is now healed and doing well. Kieren had grown up quite a bit and both dogs are healthy and happy friends. Our grandchildren, who are here often, love playing with “their puppies”. Our American Mastiffs have brought such joy and fun into our lives.

What a great pair, and I’m so happy to hear that Daegan was able to get the surgery she needed!

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