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Upside down Dogs and Cats

Through all the hustling and busyness of day;
It’s time to stop and look at things in another way.
Turn your head upside down and you’ll find it worth your while;
The ground becomes the sky; a frown becomes a smile.

This is a poem I wrote when I was 15 that I believe still holds some fun meaning. Every once in a while, my dog will lay upside down and gravity will pull her lip flaps open. It’s a gentle reminder to laugh and find humor in everyday life and appreciate the small things.

The following are some of my favorite upside down pet pictures and are my way of wishing you a happy Friday!

Cane the Dogue de Bordeaux
Sumo the English Bulldog
Cat stretch
Big Dave the English Bulldog
Fluffy cat belly
Ellie, my Whippet-mix

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