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Ways to Save Money with a New Dog

Money Saving DogRecently, a story was published on LearnVest that offered advice on how to save money when bringing a new dog into your life. While I think it’s important for any new dog owner to realize that dogs are expensive and take money to raise and keep healthy, I do agree that there are some ways to cut down on initial costs so you can save for needs that may arise later on. Let’s take a look at a few of the tips offered in this article:

1. Either Adopt or Pick a Responsible Breeder. Adopting is obviously the cheapest choice, as you can normal find adoption fees between $50 and $300, which also normally includes the cost of a spay or neuter and all initial shots. As an added bonus, adoption is better for the environment and doesn’t add to the pet overpopulation problem. But if you do go with a breeder, finding one who is responsible is key. A responsible breeder will breed healthier dogs.

2. Use Costco. Buying from warehouse stores is a definite way to save money, especially on bedding and flea medication. I would just caution you to do some research before buying food and treats at places like Costco. You want to make sure the food you feed is healthy and not filled with preservatives.

3. Embrace Hand-Me-Downs. It’s always a good idea to get expensive pet supplies from other dog owners who no longer need them. Crates, bedding, nail clippers, books on training, and even doggie clothes are great to find used.

4. Research Before Getting Pet Insurance. I agree with this 100%. We believe Trupanion offers the best policy on the market, but we always encourage policyholders to look around at other options so they feel comfortable with their choice as well.

5. Invest in Durable Toys. From experience I know that dogs don’t really get bored with toys. They love their toys and will carry them around until they drag in pieces. Investing in a few durable toys that will last a long time rather than several cheaper toys that fall apart within days will be helpful to your budget.

The author of this article offers several more tips. Read the full story on LearnVest here.

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