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You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…Part 2

Last week I wrote about how often I find myself laughing about things that happen to me during the day where I think, “This could only happen to a dog owner.” It prompted me to ask my pet-loving friends to finish this statement: “You know you’re a dog owner when…” and I posted their responses in a post last week. (View Part 1)

We ended up posting the question on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well and received an outpouring of responses! I guess it’s not just me that knows how unique it can feel to be a dog owner! We couldn’t resist sharing more of these funny and 100% accurate responses. I hope you can nod in agreement with these just like I did.

You know you’re a dog owner when…

… you have a twitter account in their name.

… hair in your food doesn’t gross you out.

Dog Sleeping in Bed… you sleep half the night twisted like a pretzel because the DOG is comfortable.

… you cook good, healthy food for your dogs but not for your husband.

… you forget to bring the camera to your nephew’s third birthday party but never forget to bring it to the dog park.

… the back seat of the SUV has a protective cover, there are harnesses and leashes under the seat, and treats in the glove compartment along with vet records.

… you find yourself getting up at 4:45 in the morning to walk the pup before you go to work and you love your sleep. You just love your pup more!

… you’ve tried their food out of curiosity.

… you catch puke in your hands if your pet gets car sick.

Dog with toys… your pet has more toys than you ever did as a child.

… you have emergency contact information regarding your pet on the back of your driver’s license in case you are in an accident and not able to tell anyone about your animal.

… you use your cell phone to try and see poop in the dark to pick it up.

What do you think? Can you relate?


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