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You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…Part 3

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Wow, all of you pet owners out there know what I mean when I say how funny it can be to go through life with a dog. There are just things you find yourself doing or saying that you never would without a dog in your life.

A couple weeks ago I asked you to finish this sentence: “You know you’re a dog owner when…” and have posted several responses already. I couldn’t help but post a few more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t include everyone’s responses, but if these amuse you as much as they do me, check out our Facebook page for more!

You know you’re a dog owner when…

Doggie Playdate
Doggie Playdate! Courtesy of Kathy Ringwood

… you plan your weekends based on whether your dog has a playdate or not.

… you wake up to a dog nose jabbing itself repeatedly into your eye socket and you think, “I love my little weirdo.”

… you carry a lint brush in your car.

… you get married and your jack russell is in the pictures.

… you have poop bags in every conceivable purse and pocket.

Dog Birthday Party… you throw a bigger birthday party for the pooch than you do for your hubby.

… everything you own is machine washable!

… a random dog makes you think of yours and you hurry home.

… you find that the holes in your heart have been filled with little paw prints.

Our furry friends definitely provide us with a very interesting life! So, tell me, how would you finish this statement?

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