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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Speedy Claim process

10/10 Speedy Claim process
I just had a great experience with Trupanion. My puppy Coco got really sick and as it happened on a Sunday I had to rush her to the emergency room where they held her for few hours, I was really worried about the cost for this service, well the bill was huge and when I pick her up they suggested she should be seen by her vet the following morning. I took her there where they x ray her, run some blood work, and give her fluids. When I pick her up after medicines, and all the tests she had gone through I paid again a huge bill. Well I faxed my claims a couple of days later, immediately after that I received an email with the confirmation of my claim and few days later another one with the approval of my claim and few more days later I received 2 checks for most of the expenses of my Coco. I am so glad of not having this fear that if Coco gets sick she will not get the appropriate care because of the cost of it. Thank you Trupanion!
-Azu P.

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