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Guest Post: A Book Review by Cat Chat’s Caren Gittleman

The following is a book review by Caren Gittleman, a friend of Trupanion. It was originally published on Caren’s blog Cat Chat. The book being reviewed is “A Cat Like That” by Wendy Wahman.

A Cat Like That bookThink about your best friend. What are the qualities you would like your best friend to possess? Wouldn’t you like a best friend who understands you? One who knows just the right things to do to keep you smiling? One who understands your mood when you haven’t even uttered a word? Someone who respects you and gives you your space when you need it but is there to have fun with you as well? Someone who treats you with consideration? We all would love our best friend to have these qualities.

What does a cat want in a best friend?

Cats want their best friend (YOU) to treat them with consideration, courtesy, thoughtfulness and respect as well.

Wendy Wahman knows what cats want in their best friend and conveys this charmingly through her words and vibrantly colored, endearing illustrations.

“A Cat Like That” is geared towards children ages 3 to 8, however I have known adults who are so clueless when it comes to how to relate to a cat, that they certainly would benefit from reading it as well.

“A Cat Like That” would make a superb bedtime story. The message of how to approach and behave towards a cat is certain to start a dialogue between the child and whomever shares this story with him.  The message of treating an animal (in this case a cat) with respect, thoughtfulness and consideration won’t be lost when the lights are turned out and the child is cozily tucked in their bed; rather, it is a message that will be remembered and hopefully put into practice during childhood and beyond.

ABOUT CAREN GITTLEMAN: Caren is a  freelance writer/pet blogger who has had a life-long love of cats!! Her blog is a labor of love written by her cat Cody and herself. When not blogging they share their love, life and home with Caren’s husband and their Sheltie, Dakota. You can visit Caren & Cody at Cat Chat and you can visit Dakota at Dakota’s Den.

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