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Pet of the Week: Babe

We got Babe from the BCSPCA, Sunshine Coast Shelter, in the late winter 2010. She and her brother (Jack and Jill) had been found wandering on the streets, homeless and hungry. She was so shy and scared sitting in that kennel, we just had to take her home. By now she is about 3 ½ years old. Why Babe? Because when we first brought her home, she acted like a toddler baby and followed us around asking about everything we were doing. And all she wanted was to cuddle and have our love.

When we got her she did not know how to walk on a leash, and her manners were not so good, but she was housetrained and seemed completely grateful to be in a home. The vet thought she was an American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog cross. Because of her breed I know the importance of her having top behaviour and of being am ambassador for her breed. She was very easy to train because she so wants to please. Babe is now is great on and off leash, good with people and other dogs (after a shy initial period) and we recently relocated from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, and she was my travelling companion all the way. She is loyal and loving, energetic and loves to play. She is a great Frisbee dog, and since we have moved to Nova Scotia we have access to ‘Dock Dogs’ and are starting next week, because she is already a natural for great flying leaps off anything into the water.

Babe sounds like the perfect travel companion and friend! We are glad to hear that she has such a wonderful home and thank you for sharing her story with us, Jeannine!


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