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Pet of the Week: Champ

Hi Trupanion!

Meet our baby Champ! He is an 9 month old American Bulldog puppy, topping the charts at 106 pounds (no he’s not fat just fit and will be a big dog). His favorite place to sleep is cuddled into the edge of the couch, his bed and of course the cool hardwood floors. His favorite toy is his Kong filled with peanut butter. To date, he has eaten 4 socks (all at different times) and has vomited them all up (thank goodness). He is doing great with his dog training and socialization classes and is being taught he simply cannot eat socks or any other household items.

This picture was taken July 31, 2011 at Concannon Vineyards in Livermore, California. He was striking a pose with his Uncle Bryan’s Bruno Mars hat! He was the best behaved dog at the vineyard, we were complimented all day long by the staff and fellow wine tasters on his great behavior. He is awesome with our children and loves all children to pet and play with him.

Champ looks like a suave young man in that hat, and sounds like such a great character! Thanks so much for sharing him with us, Rosemary.

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