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The Basics of Clicker Training part 1

hand dog clickerMost dog owners are at least somewhat familiar with clicker training. It’s a common training method used to deliver an instant reward or to use in the place of treats for owners that worry about overdoing the extra snacks.

Some reasons to clicker train:

  • Consistency: The “click” sound is the same each time. Once your dog associates this as a positive reward, it will be easy to repeat.
  • It’s instant: Imagine trying to reward your dog with a treat while teaching “roll over”. Rather than trying to stuff a treat into his mouth while he’s upside-down, you can click to ensure him that he’s doing it right.
  • Low-fat: No one wants their dog to become obese from training rewards!
  • Inexpensive: Clickers are cheap (about $1-$3) and last a long time. It will certainly save lots of money over using only treats as rewards.

Can you think of other benefits of clicker training?

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