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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Totally Worth It!

10/10 Totally Worth It!
My dog is big (100lbs) and getting older. I figured SOMEthing’s going to happen sooner or later so I looked into insurance. I picked Trupanion because it seemed pretty straightforward. 8 months after I enrolled, my dog had a life-threatening emergency and ended up in ICU at the animal hospital. I was out of the state when it happened, and when I got the call from the hospital asking what I wanted to do should he need the $3600 emergency surgery… I felt so relieved that I could without a doubt say ‘yes, please do it’. It was stressful enough worrying about my best buddy’s health from 2300 miles away! He didn’t end up having the surgery, but the tab still managed to be $1700 for all they had to do & his night in the ICU. I paid the deductible, exam fees, & 10% of the remaining amount so my part was $570. Trupanion sent me a check for $1130, which was $1130 I didn’t have to cover! My dog is recovering and I am not worried about paying off thousands of dollars. The claim was simple and Trupanion had great communication with me throughout the process. Now dog insurance doesn’t seem so ‘crazy’ to my friends. 🙂

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3 Responses to Featured Pet Insurance Review – Totally Worth It!

  1. Tanya says:

    My dogs are still young but I really need to have this for them, will be checking this out soon.

  2. Robin Church says:

    Here’s my story.

    My husband and I have had our share of pets through the years. We have successfully introduced new cats to existing dogs and cats, as well as, new dogs to existing cats. So when we had to put our beloved cat down earlier this year we went and adopted two, 3 month old kittens. We were very careful introducing our new kittens to our dog of 7 years.

    What we brought home were two of the cutest, smartest, most loving kittens. Over a two-month span of time we guardedly introduced the dog and kittens, with our level of comfort growing each day, until the unforgettable morning. My husband was leaving for work and handed the dog a treat. He turned and left for work. As he walked away, he heard a noise from our dog, and yes the worst had happened, the dog bit our kitten, Kate. A pool of blood was now forming around her little head, as she lay panting and unresponsive.

    In the end we were able to save Katie, and although, 6 weeks later, her abilities are, to a small degree, limited, she is getting better every day. It was a long road that included a fine veterinarian (neurological surgeon) that removed the skull fragments embedded in her brain and placed a cap where skull was now missing.

    Our lives have changed dramatically; we have implemented many additional precautions now that take a lot of extra time and effort. Of course, we will never leave the kittens and dog alone…ever.

    Our regular veterinarian had recommended we get Trupanion Pet Insurance. Best thing we could have done. Trupanion really came through for us not only by paying most of the mounting bill for the care of our kitten, (about $9000.00 of the $11,000.00 total) but they were the nicest people to help us cope with such a horrible situation.

    Thank you Trupanion, because of you we never had to wonder if we could afford the care she needed. You helped save our kitten and in many ways my husband and me too.


    Robin Church

    • Stacy says:

      Thank you for sharing your incredible story. I would love to feature it in its own post on our blog if that’s alright. I’m so sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident but it sounds like your kitten is a fighter and it’s so great to hear that she survived.

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