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Fun Pet Costume Ideas for Halloween

I feel like each year I see many of the same costumes on pets and while I love them all (and think the hot dog suit will NEVER get old!), I wanted to try to find some more obscure costumes you may not think of right away. You can really tap into your creativity when you dress a pet up for Halloween, as evidenced by these fun costumes!

Scuba Diver Pet Costume
A Scuba Diving Chihuahua
Baked Potato Pet Costume
A Baked Pug-tato
Mac and Cheese Dog Costume
A Westie Mac and Cheese
Chia Pet Costume
Boston Terrier Cha-cha-cha Chia Pet
Starbucks Pet Costume
Dachshund Cup of Coffee

What do you think? Would you consider these costumes for your own pets? Do you think you have even better, more creative costume ideas? We’d love to hear about them! Post your idea here or show us a picture on our Facebook page!

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