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Lola’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Lola, enrolled since 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
Condition: Hip dysplasia
Total Repaid: $8,220+

Lola at 12 weeks

We rescued Lola from a family that could no longer take care of her when she was 12 weeks old.  She was a very sweet puppy, but didn’t have a very spirited personality.  We figured that it was due to her breed, and didn’t think too much of it.

As she grew we started to notice the tell-tale “bunny hop” that often points to a hip injury and brought her in for some x-rays.  The films revealed that she suffered from hip displaysia so severe that both of her femoral heads were completely out of socket and were essentially being held into place by muscle and skin.

Lola after her second surgery

The next step was to visit our local veterinary orthopedic surgeon, and they told us that surgery should be scheduled ASAP.  They also told us that the total cost for both hips to be replaced would be roughly $10,000.  My husband and I love our animals very much, but if not for Trupanion we would not have been able to afford the surgery.  Lola had her first hip replaced in February of 2011, and her second one replaced in May.

We started to notice the change in her personality immediately!  She was starting to act like a puppy for the first time.  We soon realized that Lola was not an especially mellow dog as we had previously assumed.  She was simply in constant pain due to her hips, and as soon as that pain went away she was able to act like herself.  We are so thankful for Trupanion for having such great rates, great service, and for giving Lola the chance to be a puppy.

-Natalie R.

Lola feeling better

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