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New Puppy? Get The Facts

For those of you about to welcome home a new puppy, here are a few important facts about puppies that you may or may not know.

  • Puppies should live with their mother and litter until they are at least 8 weeks in age so that they can properly develop and socialize. In fact, many states have laws that prevent puppies and kittens from being sold if they are younger than 8 weeks old.
  • A puppy purchased from a pet store has the potential of being a “puppy mill” dog, meaning from an irresponsible breeder. Puppies that come from mills are more likely to get sick and experience congenital disorders.
  • You can begin potty training your puppy as soon as you bring him home. In fact, the breeder should begin potty training when they are 3-3.5 weeks old.
  • You should feed puppy food specifically as it contains extra nutrients and fat that they need to grow and develop. It’s important to stick to one type of food as to not cause upset to your pup’s tummy.
  • It’s a good idea to introduce your puppy to a veterinarian early on so that they can catch any potential health issues and answer any questions you may have.

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