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Pet Health Concerns: Hot Spots

Thick-coated breeds like the Komondor are most prone to hot spots.

Hot spots are painful, swollen patches of skin that form on a dog’s body that are actually warm to the touch. They can appear quite suddenly and worsen as the dog licks and chews the site.

Hot spots can occur anywhere on the body, and often they occur in more than one spot at a time. There are several causes of hot spots, including complications during shedding, fleas, mites, skin allergies, infections, and neglected grooming.

Hot spots are treated by cleaning the infected area with a medicated shampoo. Then, an antibiotic steroid cream or powder is applied twice a day for up to two weeks. Antibiotics are also usually precribed and any underlying conditions must be treated.

It’s of utmost importance to keep the dog from re-infecting the area by licking or chewing the affected site. If the dog cannot be consistently and effectively monitored, an Elizabethan collar can be a good option.

Thick-coated dogs are the most suseptible to hot spots. These breeds include Komondors, Norwegian Elkhounds, Otterhounds, and Saint Bernards.

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