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Pet Insurance as an Employee Perk

The Boston Globe recently ran an editorial called “Pet Insurance: Relax, Fido” that covered the topic of pet insurance offered as an employee benefit.

The author notes the following trends that have led companies to offer pet insurance to their employees:

  • The need to foster worker loyalty without adding to the bottom line
  • The rising cost of health care, for humans and other species
  • The increasing importance Americans put on their pets, considering their pets to be full-fledged family members, cherished and beloved

We agree that pet insurance can be an excellent employee benefit and Trupanion offers this program to companies who are interested in getting involved. We believe this program is valuable for both the company and the employees. Here is how:

Benefits for the Company

As a company, you can show employees you care about their entire family, including the health and happiness of their pets. Main benefits:

  • No cost to the company
  • No administration issues
  • Dedicated Trupanion account executive
  • Employees deal directly with Trupanion
  • Group discount for employees
  • Payroll deduction or direct billing available

Benefits for the Employees

With pet insurance, your employees can make decisions based on what is best for their beloved pets, rather than the costs associated with treatment. Main benefits:

  • One simple plan
  • 90% coverage
  • No payout limits
  • Visit any veterinarian of their choice
  • Library of pet information available online

How would you feel about your company offering pet insurance as an employee benefit?

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