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Pet of the Week: Lilo

This is Lilo my Year and 3 month old pitbull. Lilo is an absolute ham and goof ball. It is hard to stay mad at her because she tries to do something that will make you laugh. Either it is with her goofy smile or her imitating her daddy. She can be a brat at times, if she does not get what she wants she will make a weird howl noise or bark at you until you pay her attention. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her mom and dad. She loves to snuggle! It is sad that my 52 lbs dog thinks that she is a lap dog. Lilo has to be the center of attention, if she is not she will come up to you and show you with kisses. When you turn on the hose she thinks you are playing a game and will chase the water. I think in Lilo’s past life she was a rabbit or jack russel terrier because she can jump as high as my fiancé’s head (he is 6’3″). She is a good dog and a great ambassador for her breed!

We love Lilo and her great personality! Thanks so much for sharing her story, Carolyn!

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