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The Basics of Clicker Training part 2

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So you’ve decided to train your dog with a clicker. There are many benefits of clicker training. It’s fairly simple so long as you are consistent with your clicking and rewarding. To begin, you’ll need to accustom your dog to the clicker, both its sound and meaning.

Some clickers make a pretty loud sound which may initially frighten your dog. Until your dog is used to the sound, you may want to try muffling the clicker with your hand or by wrapping it in a cloth.

Familiarizing your dog with the clicker is easy:

  1. Grab a handful of treats and put them in a place where they are readily available. I suggest you break the treats up into very small, pea-sized bits so that your dog doesn’t get too full too quickly.
  2. Get your dog’s attention. Allow him to sniff the clicker if he wishes.
  3. Click! Then immediately hand your dog a treat. This will set your dog up to associate the clicker with rewards (treats).
  4. Repeat: Click – treat. Click – treat. Click – treat. Practice this at various times of day over the next few days so that your dog becomes familiar with the sound of the clicker as well as its rewarding significance.

Is your dog familiar with the clicker and ready to start training? Stay tuned for the next post of this series!

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