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Tru Hero finalist: Dinglehopper

Pomeranian Dinglehopper and Toronto Downtown Animal Hospital nominated as Trupanion Tru HerosAnyone who has owned a dog could tell you of the happiness and joy that they can bring to our lives. In January 2006, I was lucky enough to welcome Dinglehopper, a 4 month old Pomeranian, to my family. I anticipated that his future would be full of happiness and good health.

To ensure that Dinglehopper’s health needs were met he became a client at the Downtown Animal Hospital. At our first visit I knew I had chosen the right clinic – the staff were welcoming, passionate, caring and knowledgeable.

Soon after becoming a client at the Downtown Animal Hospital I learned that Dinglehopper came from a puppy mill. I attempted to remain positive, hoping that Dinglehopper would lead a happy and healthy life, but little did I know that Downtown Animal Hospital would become our ‘second home’ – as Dinglehopper was not the healthy puppy I had expected.

For over 5 years the staff at the Downtown Animal Hospital have helped Dinglehopper through numerous health challenges. From seemingly minor diagnoses, like giardia and upper respiratory infections, to the biggest challenges he’s faced so far: diagnoses of luxating patellas, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (“dry eye”) and concerns around his liver functioning.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in or near tears and worried for Dinglehopper – for his well-being or even mere survival. The staff at the Downtown Animal Hospital have always been there for us.
Dinglehopper sees the staff at the Downtown Animal Hospital on a regular basis and I know that he is always in good hands. The staff have the medical knowledge, practical skills, and experience necessary to provide Dinglehopper with the best care possible – for whatever health problem he may be facing at the given time.

Not only have they provided care to Dinglehopper, but they have provided me with support and assistance I needed.

They helped get me through the stress and cope while Dingle was underdoing surgeries (3 for the luxating patellas alone) and testing.

When I was feeling pessimistic or scared they provided me with the optimism and reassurance I needed – for example giving me hope that Dinglehopper would manage despite starting to go blind at age 3.

They’ve also helped me make informed, yet difficult decisions around whether Dinglehopper should undergo a liver biopsy or other tests and treatment.

The staff have always been extremely kind and patient with me – willing to listen to my concerns and to answer my questions – both in-office and when I’ve called looking for further information or advice.

I trust the staff at the Downtown Animal Hospital 100% – knowing that they always have Dinglehopper’s best interests at heart.

The staff at the Downtown Animal Hospital are our Tru Heros – for the reasons outlined above and for so many other reasons that I am unable to put into words. Simply put, the Downtown Animal Hospital has been our saviour – literally!

-Michelle from Toronto, ON


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