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Tru Hero finalist: Scooter

I cannot pick one specific veterinarian to be the best, because it was a group effort to save my dogs life.  The team of vets at NC State Veterinary Teaching hospital are the best!  My Great Dane Scooter was down to 65 pounds last summer, but I thought it was the heat and the stress of me being away from him for 3 weeks.  He became unusually lethargic on a Friday night and I took him to my regular vet Dr. Covington, where she treated him and he was stable overnight. First think in the morning I got a call from them stating that he was almost unconscious and was GI bleeding, and that he needed to go to NC State.  We rushed over and got him there, they met us outside with a stretcher and rushed him into the emergency room.  I knew he was going to die that day, but I had to do everything for him.  After what seemed like hours a veterinarian came out to talk to us, he was in extremely critical condition and she felt that he had Addisons disease, and had drawn labs to determine this.  The kicker was that it was a holiday weekend and this specific lab was not run until Tuesday morning, he would surely die before then if he was not treated properly with steroids, so she wanted to start them immediately.  All of his electrolytes were totally out of whack and his potassium was 7.0– normal is 3.5 to 4.5, as an RN in an ICU I knew that this could stop his heart.  We decided to treat him and he immediately went to the ICU, and was kept 1 on 1 with a vet and a vet tech.  The next day when I went to see him he got up in his crate and was wagging his tail, a total turn around from the last time I had seen him 12 hours ago.  I spoke with the team of vets and got in the crate with him, he was hook to 4 IV’s and an ecg monitor.  I was updated twice a day via a phone call and when I went to see him everyday he was improving by leaps and bounds. The team was astounded that he was recovering so quickly.  The were hand feeding him whatever he would eat, and I did the same when I went.  He was finally eating.  He was there almost 10 days and the team at NC State saved his life. A year later he weighs 125 lbs and is totally healthy! He will need lifelong steroids by mouth and an injectable every 6 weeks, but it will be well worth it, he is my heart!  I would never have been able to afford it if I did not have Trupanion, you rock!  My bills at the vet school were paid up front by me, but I was quickly reimbursed by Trupanion.  Thanks SO MUCH!

-Kim from Raleigh, NC


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