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Tru Hero finalist: Zedd and Dr. Borque

Last year my five year old cat Zedd was not acting like his usual self; he had almost no appetite and had been losing weight slowly for a few months. We had been tempting him with treats to get some food into him but on December 17th he had gone to ground under the bed and refused to come out. We packed up and went to work worried about Zedd, and managed to get time off to go home and take him to the vet. We called various pet clinics and no one would see us except a vet in another town that we had never met before, she fit him in as an emergency just before the clinic closed. Upon arrival she did a physical and things looked grim as Zedd began to poop bloody feces on the exam table, was lethargic and depressed. Dr. Bourque immediately took him into intensive care and began performing all the necessary tests on Zedd even though I had broken down and told her we didn’t have the money to save him. The results came back as hepatic lipidosis which had the potential to be fatal if she didn’t intervene.

Dr. Borque invited us to come in and spend time with him whenever possible to boost his spirits; she even let us sit with him all day on Sunday when the clinic was closed. Zedd made it through his five days in intensive care (with the ever present Dr. watching him through a webcam at night) and came home with us just in time for Christmas on the 22nd. Dr. Borque explained his aftercare to me, showed us how to give him a saline injection with a big scary needle and IV bag once a day, how to force feed him, and all the other pills and vitamins he needed daily, along with his every-other hour feeding schedule. When the IV line broke on Christmas eve I emailed her in a panic (24 hour email access to her the whole time) as we were just packing up Zedd and all of our Christmas gear to go to my Mom’s house for the holidays. Dr. Borque waited for me to drive the 30 minutes to give me a new IV line.

Dr. Borque is an amazing vet with a passion for her patients like I’ve never seen before. Even though she had never seen us or any of our animals before she treated us kindly and with a great deal of respect through the hospital stay, and was always ready with a joke to help us smile through our tough time. I don’t know how I could thank her enough for the best Christmas present ever given to our family.

Zedd is back to ruling his roost as the robust 20lb cat he was before his ordeal, during which his weight dropped down to 10lbs, and he has no one to thank other than the wonderful Dr. Miranda Borque.

-Chelsea from Okotoks, AB


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