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A True Veterinarian Hero

I would like to share with you my experience with a True Veterinarian Hero. My sister lost her cat of 15 years about 6 months ago. Antelyes Animal Hospital in Middle Village NY arranged for the cremation. My sister then got a kitten. Earlier in the week her kitten was sick, my sister is on a fixed income and could not afford the vet visit. I gave her $200.00 so she could take the kitten to the vet.

As it turned out the kitten had a blockage. The operation to save the kitten was to be over $3,000.00. My sister told the vet, let me say goodbye to my kitten I love him but I can’t afford to save him. Antelyes offered her a payment plan, knowing she could not make the payments she declined and again asked to say goodbye to her kitten. With that the group of veterinarians that was in the office met and agreed to perform the operation, provide the prescription medication and follow-up visit for $200.00.

I could not believe that in this day and age there were still some wonderful people in the world. They choose to save a Kitten over profit. If that is not a True Veterinarian Hero I don’t know what is. It’s too soon to tell if the Kitten is going to make it. Whatever the outcome Antelyes Animal Hospital in Middle Village NY will have a customer for life.

Michelle S.

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