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In the News: Canine Flu

Dog with VeterinarianGetting the flu shot has become a common measure many of us take to prevent the flu, but have you ever thought about your dog getting a flu shot? According to a recent ABC News article, there are many reasons to consider getting your canine friend vaccinated.

There have been outbreaks of canine influenza all across the country and many dogs are currently suffering from the flu in the New York City and San Antonio areas. This particular strain of flu, called H3N8, has been around since 2004 and affected thousands of dogs. It is very contagious and easily spread between dogs.

Some veterinarians are recommending a flu shot for dogs that are often around other dogs. For example, if your dog attends play dates, goes to daycare, or visits the dog park on a regular basis, they may be more susceptible to come in contact with the virus. Dogs who join their humans at work with other dogs, such as the ones here at Trupanion, would also be at a greater risk.

Symptoms of canine flu are similar to human flu and include coughing, nasal discharge, a low-grade fever and sneezing. Humans can spread the virus as well if they handle multiple dogs.

This is still a fairly uncommon vaccination and one many pet owners are unaware of. What are your thoughts? Would you ever get your dog a flu shot?

Read the full article on ABC News here.

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