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In the News: Traveling with Pets

Dog in SuitcaseAmanda Kelly, a reporter with the New York Post, recently wrote an article about tips for traveling with your pets. As the holidays approach, many of us will be thinking about taking our pets with us on holiday travels – whether that be a road trip to Grandma’s house, a train ride to a sibling in another state, or a plane ride across several states. This article gives a range of advice for all means of travel.

For a car ride, the article suggests the following:

  • Never let pets roam free in a car. Place them in a seat belt, crate, or harness.
  • Don’t attach a harness to the pet’s collar. It could choke him if the vehicle comes to a swift stop.
  • Don’t set pets near air bags.
  • Bring a couple gallons of extra drinking water.

For planes and trains, the article suggests the following:

  • Check carrier policies. Some train companies won’t allow pets that aren’t service animals. Some plane companies won’t allow animals passengers in certain climates.
  • Use a properly ventilated pet carrier so your pet can breathe easily.
  • Never put the pet’s leash in the crate with them.
  • If you feel your pet needs a sedative, always check with a veterinarian first.

Will you be traveling with your dogs and cats this holiday season? What are some of your best tips?

Read the full article on the New York Post website.

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