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News Reporter Sees the Value of Pet Insurance

Pet at VeterinarianMelissa Hankins, a reporter for WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently learned first hand how important pet insurance can be. In a recent broadcast, she took her own experience with a sick pet to do a story on pet insurance.

Miss Hankins has two dogs – Joey, a little Yorkshire Terrier and Harley, a rowdy Maltese. Lately, she noticed that Joey was moving a little slower and started acting like he wasn’t feeling well. At first, she just assumed it was his advanced age – he is ten years old – but eventually it became apparent that it was something more serious and she took Joey to the vet.

Kay Wahl of NorthCross Veterinary diagnosed a swollen gallbladder and she told Miss Hankins it needed to come out. Additional scans also showed masses in the liver, which would also be helped by removing the galbladder. The scans cost a thousand dollars and removing Joey’s gallbladder would cost approximately $4,000.

This is the point Miss Hankins said she wished she had pet insurance. With pet insurance, she wouldn’t be put in the position of deciding between treating her beloved Yorkie and plunging herself into financial debt. Unfortunately, without pet insurance, this is the position she is currently in.

As she decides what she can do for Joey, Miss Hankins immediately got online and enrolled Harley in a pet insurance plan so she never had to go through this pain again.

Read the full story and watch the video clip on the WBTV website here.

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