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Pet Health Concerns: Seizures

Bernese PuppyIt is always sad when a pet suffers from any ailment but seizures may be one of the most disheartening. Watching your beloved pet have a seizure, which at the most intense has the pet thrashing wildly on the ground, is one of the most helpless feelings. There is nothing you can do to stop a seizure once it starts, leaving you watching helplessly until the end when you can give comfort while the pet recuperates.

Seizures occur when there is excessive nueronal activity in the brain. This activity can be caused by a number of things including tick bites, a brain tumor or head injury, or the ingestion of a toxin. But the most common cause is epilepsy, which is simply a health condition characterized by recurring seizures.

Seizures caused by a toxin or head injury will normally stop once the initial cause is treated. Seizures caused by epilepsy are generally controlled with medication.

With pets with recurring seizures, it’s important to learn the signs of an impending seizure in order to be able to get the pet to a safe area before one starts. Signs of seizures may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Appearing worried, stressed, or frightened
  • Visual disturbances
  • Loss of focus
  • Seeking help from an owner
  • Urinary accidents

If your pet experiences a seizure, it’s important to have him or her seen by a veterinarian immediatly to determine if there is an underlying cause and any affects the seizure may have had on the pet. With early treatment and proper care, seizures don’t have to stop a pet from living a long and healthy life.

Have you had a pet that has suffered seizures? What was the prognosis?


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