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Pet of the Week: Breezer

Breezer is an amazing cat.  She as done so much for me that words can not express what she has done.  I have many many medical issues and I do live alone.  Breezer can tell when I am in a crisis and need to take medication Breezer will nip my face until I wake up and then will not stop mewing until I have taken what I need and will sit on me until I am in the clear.  If I am in my bedroom and it is late at night she will meow at the door until I wake up and will not stop. If I do not wake up she will play with the door until it opens (you just need to push it down) then she will come in and bite me until I wake up!  This has happened many many times!  I can not thank Breezer enough for what she has done for me!  With my medical condition, if I do not get medication I need, it can become extremely dangerous!  This is why Breezer should be pet of the week!  THANK YOU BREEZER 

Wow, Breezer sounds like such an incredible cat, thank you so much for sharing your story Alison!

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