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Pet of the Week: Sage

Sage is my 5 year old BullBoxer (pitty x boxer) She is the most energetic fun loving attention seeking dog I have ever met. Her character alone makes people completely adore her, she is part of my family and many others, she even has her own facebook page.

She will only sleep snuggled up to her mommy and daddy. Favorite toy is anything that squeaks so she can tear the squeak out of it. Her nicknames are a ridiculously long list lol! Sagey Rae, Snowface, Gorgy(gorgeous), baby girl, snookie, sweetbottom oh the list can go on and on! Her favorite treats are marrow bones and beggin strips.

She sings along with the radio and my phone when it rings her howl is the cutest thing ever and to contain her you would need an 8 foot fence cause she is apparently part kangaroo as well, she climbs and jumps over fences to play with neighbor kids and dogs. She is my everything and the love she gives back is the greatest thing I could ask for. She makes me smile and laugh constantly!

Sage is SO cute and it sounds like she has such a fun personality! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos, Ashley!

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