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Pet of the Week: Tank

Tank is our 7 month old bulldog puppy.  He is a bundle of joy.  Tank is the happiest dog we have ever known.  He is thrilled to greet everyone he comes across with a full bulldog body shake and some slobbery kisses.  He is the sweetest soul you can find. He follows me around the house where ever I go, and loves to be a part of things. 

Tank’s favorite toys are his stuffed bulldog “Sarge”, his stuffed condor “Connie”, and his giant Kong (when filled with peanut butter).  Tank’s favorite treats are turkey bacon, carrots and watermelon.  We fondly call him Tanker, Tank Man, Boo, Boo-Bear, Biscuit, and Monster.  He can give a phenomenal high-five if there’s a treat involved and loves his cat, Finnegan, very very much.

Tank’s favorite thing to do in the morning is to head out by the pool and sit on a lounge chair where he chews on a few ice cubes for a morning snack.  He loves to watch the birds and truly enjoys the sunshine.  Tank likes to be were ever the action is, and will gladly help with chores around the house.  He prances out to the laundry room and will sit patently while I fold clothes or water the garden.  He loves our mailman and has never barked at anyone coming in our door.

Tank also loves the car.  He thinks our GMC is his.  He gets very excited to go anywhere in the car and will sit politely in the backseat and look happily out the window.  He is loyal, happy, and pretty much the cutest thing that we have ever seen.  He snores when he sleeps, which is often.  He rests his head on our hands when he’s tired.  He stands by the pool and waits for us to get out if we’ve gone for a swim, just to make sure that we’re okay.  He looks out for our family.  We don’t know what we would do without him.

Tank sounds like such a fun pup and I absolutely love that happy face! Thanks so much, Kinsey!


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