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Post-Halloween Treat: Homemade Pet Costumes

I know Halloween has passed and we are more focused on Thanksgiving now, but the following pet costumes just came across my desk and I had to share them as one last Halloween treat. All of these costumes are homemade and were featured in an annual Halloween pet parade hosted by the Free People Clothing Boutique.

Halloween Turtle Costume

Cutest turtle I've ever seen!

Rooster Costume

Rover dressed as Rooster

Football Player and Cheerleader Costume

School pride - football player and cheerleader

Halloween Biker Costume

Bad to the Bone

Halloween Bee

A busy little bee

Can you believe these are handmade? Do they inspire any creativity to perhaps make your own pet costumes next year?

About Heather @FamilyAndFur

Heather Kalinowski lives in the Seattle area with her husband, newborn son, and two rescued pups – an Italian Greyhound named Ava and a Spaniel mix named Jackson. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family, and volunteering with Italian Greyhound Rescue. Google+

13 Responses to Post-Halloween Treat: Homemade Pet Costumes

  1. Jo says:

    I love these costumes, and was even looking for something like this for my pup Daisy, but couldn’t find it before Halloween. Great tip for next year!

  2. Cindy Potter says:

    I love pictures of animals! I “dress up” for all holidays and I especially love pictures of pets in costumes! My cat does not appreciate being “dressed up”, but oh well!

  3. Dorothy Sell says:

    It is inspiring! Especially since I have bigger dogs and costumes for big dogs are hard to find – at least in my experience.

  4. Kate says:

    So cute! (hope to win the book!)

  5. sabrina rosa says:

    Love the cheerleaders!

  6. Paul Love says:

    I think most of the entertainment comes from watching the pets attempt to remove their costumes. :o)

  7. Rita Leid says:

    I do not think these are cute. I used to dress my former Poodle in a sweater during really coold temps/snow; but it was not for fun!
    I don’t think most dogs enjoy being ‘dressed up’ for Halloween or any other occassion! I think it’s demeaning to their character, and makes them look sorta stooooooooooooooooopid!!!!!!!!
    That is only MY H O!!!!!!!

  8. Shannon phillips says:

    My dog completes me!

  9. Gina says:

    Awesome! Absolutely delightful!

  10. Gina says:

    I think all dogs are different…with different characters. My Xolo loves to dress and costumes that give him more attention are right up his alley. My other dog not so much…so when I dress her up…I snap a quick pic so all the kids can go oooooh and ahhhhh, take the costume off and then they still shower her with love and attention. It’s a win-win in my house.

  11. Lynne says:

    I agree with some other posters…it is very hard to find costumes for bigger dogs!! I loved the photos and I hope to win the book! :o)

  12. pat irish says:

    I always wonder what the dogs think when we dress them up like that! LOL

  13. Holli says:

    The rooster is too cute and so creative : )

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