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Testimonial from Laurie H

Without Trupanion, we likely would have made a hard decision to euthanize one of our dogs several months ago. Today, as a result of veterinary diagnostics, treatment and medications, he is happy, playful, and continues to be a great companion for us and our other dog.
Trupanion has enabled us to make decisions based solely on veterinary recommendations, his prognosis, and quality of life; for that we are truly grateful.

I recommend Trupanion at every opportunity – to pet owners I meet while walking the dogs, friends who acquire new puppies or kittens, people I encounter at the veterinarian’s office, and anyone who is considering adopting or rescuing and animal. Not only does Trupanion offer great coverage, but the processing of every claim has been remarkably efficient.

Thanks again, to you and everyone at Trupanion.


Laurie H.
On behalf of Scout and Camma

Received 9/20/11

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