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Trupanion Recognizes Veterinarians in Tru Hero Contest

Seattle, WA – The story of a Pomeranian named Dinglehopper and his veterinary clinic, the Downtown Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, was the winning submission of a contest hosted by Trupanion, North America’s fastest growing pet insurance provider. The contest encouraged pet owners to write about how their veterinarian was their ‘Tru Hero’.

The contest ran from mid-August through the end of September, and received nearly 100 entries. Finalists were announced on October 3 and each story was promoted on Trupanion’s blog. The winner was based on the number of comments received on that entry’s blog post.

Dinglehopper’s story received 340 votes, winning readers’ hearts with his heartbreaking account of a puppy mill survivor that frequented the veterinarian because of all the complications from his past. As the grand prize winner, Dinglehopper’s owner received $500 cash and the Downtown Animal Hospital received $500 to treat needy pets as well as the “Tru Hero 2011” plaque.

The following is a summary of the other four finalists:

  1. Scooter the Great Dane lost a significant amount of weight and was rushed to the emergency vet where they learned he had Addison’s disease.
  2. Zedd became ill and was taken to a new veterinarian, the only one open at the time, who graciously took him in and brought him back to health.
  3. Kumbi suddenly passed away but his compassionate veterinarians kept in close contact with his owner to provide her with necessary support and information.
  4. Johnny fractured his knee in two places and took an emergency trip to the veterinarian for orthopedic surgery.

“Our policyholders consider their veterinarians their true heroes because they help keep their beloved pets safe and healthy,” said Stacy Kowalchuk, Social Media Manager at Trupanion and the person who ran the contest. “This contest was designed to give these pet owners a chance to show appreciation for their veterinarians for all they do.”

All finalists received a $50 cash prize. For more information about the ‘Tru Hero’ contest and finalists, visit

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