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Veterinarian Testimonial: Saugus Animal Hospital

Pet insurance has become an intricate part of our new puppy and kitten talks with clients. While we suggest that the client choose for themselves a company and plan that’s right for them, Trupanion is the only 30 days trial certificate we give and discuss with them on their first visit. We strongly suggest they activate this trial as it is completely risk free. I firmly believe if any client has the need to make a claim during this trial period, and it has happened on many occasions, they will absolutely sign their pet up permanently having already experienced the great benefits and service provided by Trupanion.

I personally had never even considered pet insurance for my own pets. I have worked in the veterinary field for 35 years and have the benefit of paying cost for my pets health care at my hospital. Unfortunately, last summer one of my cats developed a very serious health problem that required specialist diagnostics and surgery at a referral facility. Even with professional courtesies the costs ran into the thousands. Sadly, he succumbed to his illness.

When a new kitten was added to the family I decided he would be insured. Trupanion was immediately my company of choice. The simplicity of the policy was the biggest factor for me. One policy, 90% coverage! It was also decided to add my then 2 year old to the plan at a very reasonable rate. The next best thing about Trupanion is the rates will never change based on number of claims or aging of my pets. Last but not least is our Trupanion representative, Michelle Rosen. She is knowledgeable about the company and always accessible for any questions or concerns we might have. Two other staff members have also insured their pets with Trupanion.

I would not hesitate to recommend Trupanion to clients, staff or other veterinary facilities.

-Patty Wright, CVT
Saugus Animal Hospital
Saugus, MA


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