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Wall Street Journal Article Discusses Pet Insurance

bernese mountain dog puppyRecently an article in the Wall Street Journal discussed pet insurance and how it can combat the high cost of medical care generated by our pets.It mentions how more advanced-care options in areas such as ophthalmology as well as treatment of conditions such as cancer are driving up costs for owners, as well as higher standards for routine care.

Take the Onichimiuk family, who was profiled in the article. The family’s two Bernese mountain dogs have suffered serious medical issues over the last few years. Jake was treated for a malignant tumor on his eyelid which cost $7,000, and Daisy swallowed a rock that cost $3,100 to remove.

“It’s hard, the money, but they are part of the family,” says Agnieszka Onichimiuk, whose family lives in Staten Island. Ms. Onichimiuk, a 33-year-old physician’s assistant, and her husband doled out thousands of dollars on oncology treatments, X-rays, medications and lab work trying to keep Jake, their 5½-year-old dog, alive. After he died, she says, “I couldn’t imagine losing another dog,” so the couple spent whatever it took to save 2½-year-old Daisy after her rock-eating episode.

Pet insurance would have helped the Onichimiuk family during both of their dogs’ health issues. Instead, they had to not only deal with the emotional toll it caused, but the severe financial toll as well.

As veterinary medicine advances and there are more and more ways to treat our beloved pets, we need to be prepared for what effect it will have on us financially. With pet insurance, you can rest assured that you are covered for any and all treatments your pet may need.

Read the full article on the Wall Street Journal online.

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