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Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

Christmas dogsIt’s officially the holiday season and that means it’s time to make your list and check it twice. For many of us, our pets are among the most important on our holiday gift-giving list. But what to get our beloved felines and canines? Well, our friends over at Haute or Not Pets have answered that question for us by putting together a fabulous gift guide. Let’s take a look at some of their top picks.

For Dogs:

Freezy Pups – With this kit, you can create delicious treats for your pups in a variety of flavors, including banana honey, chicken soup, white cheddar cheese, and sweet potato n’ maple. The included ice cube tray can be filled with tasty liquid that freezes into bone-shaped treats.

Thundershirt – Dogs that suffer fear and anxiety from loud noises may benefit from the gentle, constant pressure of the Thundershirt. It has a calming effect for many dogs and can help them through thunder, fireworks, and other loud noises.

Busy Buddy – Treat-dispensing toys are a great option for many dogs, especially those who are left home alone occasionally. These toys keep dogs busy and entertained for long periods of time. The Busy Buddy is one of those toys.

For Cats:

Catty Stacks – What cat doesn’t like a box to play in? Well, these boxes entice cats with their stackable nature and multiple crawl holes. The most fun boxes a cat could hope for!

Sureflap Cat Door – If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, it can be tiresome for both you and Mr. Whiskers to keep having to open the door several times a day. This cat door makes it convenient for your cat to head outdoors to explore whenever the mood strikes.

Metropolitan Cat Bed – This stacked, chic cat bed will make any feline feel like royalty. For the cat who has everything, this would make the ultimate gift.

Check out the full gift guide at Haute or Not Pets.

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