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My Pet’s Favorite Thing

To celebrate the holidays, we asked you to tell us about your pet’s favorite thing about the holidays. No doubt, all pets love the extra love, cheer, and festivity, but each individual pet has it’s own excitement.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

Graeter and Tristan

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tristan’s favorite thing is to ride in Graeter’s my Bernese Mountain Dog’s decorated Christmas Cart ! -Cathi D.


I am going to have to say his favorite thing about the holidays is wrapping paper. He loves to try to attack it while I am wrapping gifts and he just found out the joy of having lots of paper on the floor to use for his confetti making business (which I swear he is planning to open) as a group of friends exchanged gifts recently. Oh the joy a pile of paper brings to my pup! -Laura F.

My dogs favorite thing about the holidays is SANTA!!!!!! -Rayna P.

We give them a special tweet on Christmas Eve at midnight and we thank them for being good and faithful friends. – Kelly Ann T.

My dogs love that they’re the center of Christmas. They get the most treats and presents. My parents dog loves hamsters that move and my pug just like treats, treats, treats! -Treania W.

Duke, my pet Doberman’s, favourite thing to do is unwrap all of his and others’ presents from under the Christmas tree while I’m sleeping. He proceeds to destroy some of them, and force me to re-wrap others! But then he looks at me with a ribbon taped to his cheek and wrapping paper lodged in his lips… and all I can do is laugh. -Sep B.

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