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National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day

Today is officially the first day of winter and while many pet owners around the country have already experienced the harsh conditions and added dangers that come with this season, as the official start to winter, Morton Salt, Inc. is teaming up with the ASPCA to declare today National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day.

This campaign is designed to educate pet owners throughout the season about ways to decrease the dangers that can accompany the winter season. While it can be fun to get outside and enjoy the ‘winter wonderland’ with your pet, Morton Salt, Inc reminds us that there are added things to consider for our pets as well. 

Here are some of their tips:

  • Make sure dogs are wearing their tags. So many dogs become lost during the winter because they can easily lose a scent in the snow. It’s important to make sure you can be easily contacted if someone finds your lost pup.
  • Protect paws. Not only can the cold ice and snow hurt your pet’s paws, but often there is de-icer on the roads and sidewalks which can cause illness if licked off. Making sure paws are wiped clean after walks or that pets wear booties can help save your pets from potential issues.
  • Lock up antifreeze. Antifreeze tastes sweet to pets and if they have access to it, you can guarantee they will lap it up. Antifreeze poisoning is a deadly condition, so make sure to lock it up or put it safely away from curious pets.
  • Avoid winter weight gain. Just like with humans, pets tend to gain weight in the winter due to decreased activity levels. Just a couple extra pounds can cause weight-related issues so make sure to monitor your pet’s weight throughout the year.

This campaign runs through January 2012.

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