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Pet of the Week: Bobo

boxer dog sleeping snuggling monkeys monkey toys

Bobo is my third boxer I got from a close friend seven years ago. At that time I never though of having a puppy on my own but my friend decided if anybody should have her then it should be me. So that day seven years ago I had no idea I would be coming home with a new boxer puppy! It was the best thing I ever did! Bobo has been my baby ever family…my best friend. She is such a well behaved, gentle boxer..I couldn’t ask for anything more.

In many of her photos she’s covered in monkeys or sleeping with them..since she was a puppy I had always bought her sock monkey toys to play with (I admit! the brown monkeys are mine! not hers!) She knew since an early age not to rough house or chew the brown monkeys and believe it or not.. to this day.. she has not bit, ripped, or chewed any of my monkeys! She knows only the sock monkeys are her toys! Its too funny!

Her favorite place to lounge is anywhere she can find that is soft and cozy…..and with a pillow. She’ll lay her head on any pillow just like a little teddy bear. One would think she is a little bear just from the way she cuddles in bed. Unless of course she turns into “Bobo the bed hogger” sprawled out horizontally with no room for me or ten little monkeys! People think I’m crazy when I tell them I’ve got to get an extra bed just for Bobo and her buddies! And then they see the pictures and laugh hysterically.
And the next thing you know, those same friends that were laughing hysterically are out buying these same monkeys for their homes!

boxer dog
Bobo seems like such a sweetheart and definitely a great cuddler! Thanks so much for sharing her story, Chris!

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