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Pet of the Week: Guinness

Guinness came to us as a foster dog back in July. As first time doggy foster parents, we really hadn’t intended to keep him but in no time at all he was a part of the family, and we couldn’t bear to give him up.

Guinness is easily the most affectionate dog we’ve ever known. He has great fun playing with other dogs, but he loves to be with people best; he wants nothing more than to cuddle up next to you, or to place his head in your lap and go to sleep. If given half the chance he’ll give kisses until your face is raw, and he wants his pack to be together, to the point that he now tries to herd us into the same room if we’re in different parts of the house! When he’s happy he wags his tail so hard we call it the “deadly weapon” – he’s even broken a branch on the Christmas tree with it!

A curious explorer, Guinness loves to be in the middle of the action, whatever it is. He loves riding in the car, and will even jump in the back for a nap if we’re not going anywhere. He occasionally gets into mischeif, and he’s sometimes too smart for his own good, but after a rough start to life it’s wonderful to see him learning how to be a dog again. Give him a treat, his favourite ball and a belly rub, and he’s the happiest pup in the world.

We are grateful every day that Guinness joined our family and found his forever home with us!

Guinness is such a gorgeous dog! Thanks, Jennifer, for letting us share all of these beautiful photos on our blog.

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