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Pet of the Week: Ruby

Ruby and her look-alike toy

[Ruby] is such a great dog! Everyone loves her and most of the town know her by name! For example, today the gas pumps at the local garage were being replaced and the pumps were blocked off. As we pulled up to ask if they would be available later a complete stranger who was working on the pumps came right over and had to see Ruby as he has an Australian shepherd/lab mix of eight years old that looks just like her. He turned the pump on just for us and went to great lengths to make a fuss of Ruby and tell us about his dog.

Ruby is great with kids, dogs and cats and except for one illness last year (covered by her care at Trupanion) she has enjoyed excellent health. Playing in the snow is a joy for her this time of year and we practice her tricks and obedience lessons outside to keep her busy. In the summer she loves to swim and play volleyball and she enjoys nature walks. She hardly sheds at all and is very clean although she enjoys a bath when she can talk me into pouring the tub for her. She considers the car her second home and will go anywhere, any time!

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One Response to Pet of the Week: Ruby

  1. Queenie Finley says:

    We have had the pleasure of knowing Ruby since she was first adopted by Ray and Darlene——-it is without a doubt the highlight of our day when she comes to visit. Q and F.

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