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Pet of the Week: Teddy and Angel

Our talker Angel

Our dog Teddy the picture on the [right] was pet of the week last year in October and it brought tears to my eyes.  Teddy passed away 3 years this December before Christmas. Teddy was a pet rescue at four months old we adopted Teddy and enjoyed the years we had with him.  Teddy is sadly missed.

Teddy My Love

Later we adopted Angel the picture [above] from Dog Deserve a Second Chance.  When we brought Angel home at 7 weeks old I brought him to the Vet to make sure everything was alright with his health.  Angel had two parasites that would have killed him if left untreated.  Vet put Angel on medicine and Angel is now 2 years old and quite a talker.  I dread to think if we had not adopted Angel he would not be here today.  Angel makes me smile and has helped me deal with the lost of our dog Teddy.

Please remember the dogs who need homes that will eventually be very ill or be put to sleep that no one wants.  They are important too.

Thanks, Madeline for introducing us to Angel! Teddy will always be remembered but I’m glad that Angel was rescued into a loving home!


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