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Pet Presents: How Much is Too Much?

The following is a guest post from Ashley Spade. Ashley, in addition to being Sir Winston Pugsalot the First’s favorite human, is a blogger and law student. She volunteers at her local pug rescue in between studying and training for triathlons (sometimes at the same time).

Dog with tennis ballGoing overboard on gift giving during the Holiday Season is easy to do, especially for our favorite furry friends. We’re all at risk of getting wrapped up in the Black Friday whirlwind and the growing phenomenon of pet gift giving. Then, before we know it we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on pet presents in the blink of an eye.

And, as much as we love our pets, we’d all agree that  spending hundreds of dollars on holiday gifts for Ms. Fluffy Paws is a little over the top. Finding the right gifts for your pet without going too far is a delicate balance. Your pets deserve something nice, and you deserve to not go into bankruptcy. Check out these affordable, but adorable gifts to bestow on your pet this holiday season.

1)    Winter Gear: If you have a cat or dog that spends a lot of time outside, and hates staying cooped up over the winter, you might invest in some cozy winter gear for their snowy play sessions, especially if your pet doesn’t have much fur. My pug, Sir Winston Pugsalot has pretty short fur and loves being bundled up in a sweater or coat when he goes out in the winter. Booties are also the perfect way to keep your pet’s feet warm and dry while they play in the snow. If you have a little extra cash to spend, you might invest in something with a little sparkle for your pet. A collar embellished with a few subtle diamonds or jewels is great for indoor wear

2)    Holiday Treats: The Holidays are the perfect time to let pets indulge as much as we do. While they can’t enjoy hams and sugar cookies, there are plenty of treats they can nibble on underneath the dinner table. Local pet bakeries and pet supply stores usually have a great selection of holiday treats, while the world wide Web also offers a lot of delicious recipes so you can bake up some homemade treats for Ms. Fluffy Paws and Mr. Spots to munch on while everyone opens gifts.

3)    New Toys: We all remember how great we felt while ripping apart paper to reveal our new toys on Christmas morning. Our pets would enjoy the same luxury, minus the paper. Getting your pet a few new toys for the holidays is a great way to keep them entertained during the long winter months, blow off a little steam and get some exercise.

What to Avoid

Try to steer clear of clothing that has too much fabric, embellishment or excess décor. Only put clothes on your pet if you are positive he/she enjoys wearing them and if they show signs of being excessively cold when outdoors.

Also avoid treats or toys that could be a choking hazard for your pet and keep an eye on them to make sure their bodies don’t react negatively to any recipes. With these few tips, you and your pet can enjoy the holidays together without feeling forgotten. Everyone wins!

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