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Santa Needs Pet Insurance Too

Today the website published a fun story about the types of insurance that could be beneficial for Santa Claus. We were contacted by the author last week because she wanted to make sure she included pet insurance in the list to theoretically protect Santa’s reindeer. Because, as the article states: “…if Rudolph came down with the flu two days before Christmas, Santa would need the best of care to get him back into flying shape.”

Social Channels Manager Stacy Kowalchuk was quoted in the article, providing thoughtful advice on who else Santa should consider protecting:

He also should consider insuring his dog and Mrs. Claus’ cat, says Stacy Kowalchuk, social media manager at pet health insurance company Trupanion.

“You never know if one of them might sneak some of Santa’s cookies and get gastrointestinal upset, or experience a broken leg hopping from house to house,” Kowalchuk says. “Pet insurance helps protect against those expensive veterinary bills that may arise from an unexpected accident or illness.”

Some of the other types of insurance the article said Santa would need include home insurance (for the harsh North Pole weather), workers’ compensation insurance (to protect all those hard-working elves), disability insurance (in case Santa becomes unable to perform his duties and someone else has to step in), and travel insurance (since he is traveling around the world).

Read the full story at and tell us what you think!

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