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This Week in Testimonials – 12/16

This week’s testimonials received on our Facebook page:

I want to let you know how thankful I am to have Trupanion insurance. My dog has been dealing with cancer and has required multiple surgeries. Trupanion has made it possible for me to only worry about the best care for my dog, Seymour, and not worry about the costs. I recommend Trupanion to everyone I know with a pet. – Nate B.

I would never again have a dog without insurance. Trupanion has been amazingly easy to work with, they pay quickly, and they cover so much. I wish my own health insurance was this good. I even received a condolence card when one of my dogs suddenly died. My 2 year old golden now has chronic kidney disease. I’m so happy to have Trupanion to help me with his medical bills. -Mona S.

we got a free month of insurance when we took our GSD in for his first visit from the vet, good thing cuz he had some crazy infection & really bad ring worm, $1100 later & 90% reimbursed we were glad to have the coverage & decided to sign Harley up & got hip displasia coverage as well, best $50 a month i spend, so worth it if ur pet is a member of the family u gota get it! btw hes not yet a year & 100lbs how much bigger is he gona get? lol – Mark B.

My vet suggested insurance for my lab mix when he was 3 months. Everyone said pet insurance was a scam. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try. In the 1 year I have had him I have submitted at least 6 claims and 90% was paid by Trupanion. Trupanion has saved me lots of money and has been no scam for me. – Brianne G.

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