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Tis the Season: Pet Food Drive

Christmas dogThe holidays are right around the corner and now is a popular time to start thinking about how you can help those less fortunate than yourself. Many families give back by collecting and donating food to local food drives. This is such a fantastic way to help others, especially since many food banks are suffering due to lack of funds and a poor economy.

As you are thinking about gathering and donating food to those less fortunate, keep the homeless pets in mind as well. Shelters across the country are desperate for pet food donations as well. Shelter donations are down due to the same factors as donations to food banks – lack of disposable income and a poor economy. Unfortunately, those factors are also the reason there are more pets than ever to feed – so many pet owners are forced to give up their pets because their home is foreclosed or they simply can’t afford to keep their pet healthy anymore.

Trupanion is currently involved in a pet food drive. We are collecting dog and cat food throughout the month and taking it to our local animal shelters. We understand how fortunate we are to be able to care for our pets and keep them protected, and we want to be abe to share that fortune with our local homeless pets.

What is your favorite charity to support this time of year?

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