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Trupanion’s Secret Santa Paws Gift Exchange

To celebrate the holidays this year, we decided to do a Secret Santa Paws gift exchange at Trupanion. Rather than a gift exchange for the humans, it’s one for the pets!

We have about 25 dogs and the occasional cat in the office on a daily basis, so we thought it would be fun to include them in our holiday celebrations this year. Anyone who was interested in the exchange put their pet’s name and info into a hat to be drawn by another pet owner.

Check out what they got:

Figgy snuggling with her new toy
Bandersnatch playing with her new squeak toy
Papaya checking out what's in the bag!
Papaya and Lotte's loot
Ellie about to open her gift
Ellie's gifts
Ukiah and her new squeak toy
Brynn and her cupcake

Wednesday and Figgy wish you a Merry Christmas!

Did your pet get any secret Santa gifts this season?

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