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Veterinarian Testimonial: Shawsheen Animal Hospital

We have always wanted to incorporate pet insurance into our discussions with clients when they bring their pets in to see us. But with all the pet insurance companies out there, it can be over whelming for the client as well as for us to know which one to recommend.

We think pet insurance is really important for a client to have for those unexpected veterinary bills to help them along the way. Its hard to see a client make a difficult decision to put their pet to sleep because of financial concerns and if they had insurance they would not be put in that predicament. Since meeting with Michelle and Trupanion we have increased the number of clients we have using pet insurance. We think clients have responded well to Trupanion with the use of the free 30 day trial with puppies and kittens.

It has been really easy for the staff to talk about Trupanion to our clients with their one simple plan we are more confident talking about pet insurance and it makes the client more confident in us and the pet insurance we recommend. We have had no complaints with any of our clients and all of the claims we have submitted have been approved quickly and 90% of the bill has been paid for.

Our rep Michelle has been great walking us through everything and so is their customer service if you have to call with any questions. We would highly recommend Trupanion to any animal hospital that is looking for a great & simple to use plan with no limits!

-Shawsheen Animal Hospital
Tewksbury, MA

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