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WebMD: Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance

Cat at the veterinarianRecently, WebMD, a trusted website offering a variety of health advice, published a video discussing pet insurance. Dorothy Hernandez and her two-year-old German Shepherd Jackson were profiled in the video. Dorothy has Jackson insured and has insured previous pets as well. She feels having Jackson insured helps to keep him in the best health, since he will be protected against high veterinary costs associated with treatment beyond routine care.

Dr. Manuel Sanchez, D.V.M., was also interviewed. “The most difficult part of my job is really being able to provide the level of care but a pet owner not being able to afford that level of care,” he said.

This is one of the main benefits of pet insurance we see here at Trupanion. There are so many more options for treating pets that can be offered by veterinarians, but thee new and improved procedures come at a cost. And many times pet owners want to be able to agree to the expensive treatment in order to prolong the health and happiness of their pets, but aren’t able to because of cost. That is where pet insurance can help.

To watch the full video, visit the WebMD site here.

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